Wing Chun vs JKD and Taekwondo


In today’s video we want to show you what happens when two guys from different styles confront each other. This time a Wing Chun student and a Jeet Kune Do Master exchange their skills. In Addition, in the second part of the video a brief competition between students of Wing Chun and Taekwondo occurs.Preview (opens in a new window)





About Taekwondo and Wing Chun

The second part of the video had a different dynamics than the first one. Of course we can’t judge martial arts based on the athlete performing. However, this is a good example of exchanging between two different styles.

Wing Chun vs Taekwondo

While in Wing Chun the main focus remains ideally on the upper part of the body, in Taekwondo happens the opposite: as you can see the guy dressed in a white Kimono uses primarily kicks. It can be quite challenging to approach or even come close to an athlete which keeps you far away with his kicks.

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