9 Months of Kung Fu Training in China

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Have you ever wondered what would it be like to train in China with a real Kung FU Master? So, there’s a result of 9 Months of Kung Fu Training in China. A guy who spent almost one year in China and decided to share his results with us.



First of all, Radoslav Detchev is the protagonist of this video. Because so, he describes his long journey in China and the new world that he discovered. Also, Rad admits that the training was the hardest thing that he has ever experienced by far. But at the end, he says, it was worth it.

While the training was hard, learning all the forms wasn’t easy at all neither. He says that they are necessary to adapt your body to the typical movements of Kung Fu. As always, everything pays off when you more need it.

If you are interested in visiting China you should absolutely go and try This Kung Fu Shaolin Temple Academy. It seems to be a martial arts school worthy of respect and the best place to improve ore learn your Kung Fu.

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